Case Study


To provide high quality PR Models who would be approachable and aspiring. They would interact and converse with Boodles clients showcasing their products at a number of exclusive events in the North West.

Pulse Promise

Boodles approached Pulse to supply them with high calibre models for a number of events. These prestigious events included horse racing, film premiers, in-store preview nights and customer evenings on the Orient Express. As a leading retailer in bespoke jewellery with an influential client base, Pulse selected a team of beautiful and charismatic PR Models that reflected the Jewellery and ‘Boodles’ brand.

Our PR Models where styled specifically to each event, ranging from the 1950’s themed Orient Express event to the gift wrapped theme at Chester race course. The PR Models created excitement and hype, animating and bringing the jewellery to life. It was imperative that the PR Models had product knowledge and a wealth of experience in customer interaction, raising awareness and encouraging new and existing customers to make a ‘Boodles’ investment.

Pulse relationship continues to develop and grow with Pulse PR Models being an integral part of ‘Boodles’ exclusive events. Our PR Models continue to shine and sparkle, a perfect match for the ever growing, exquisite Boodles collections.