Choreographers and Presenters


We have the best in the industry: innovative, engaging professionals who help to bring your vision to life. Our choreographers know the industry well. They understand that choreography is like fashion, it constantly changes and so too does the imagination and creative flair that our choreographers bring time after time to Pulse Productions. We work closely with our innovative team to create performances that constantly surpass our clients expectations.


Our presenters are animated and engaging, adding the personal touch and the professional know-how to all Pulse Productions. With an expanding team of presenters to suit our clients ever-growing needs, we can offer presenters specific to your requirements: sporting legends, comedians and style gurus to name but a few. All our Pulse Presenters are committed, warm, engaging and are the subtle difference, the glue that connects and gets the most from your audience.

We have a number of celebrity presenters, football and sporting legends as well as radio and TV presenters. All our presenters are individuals and are specific to clients’ needs.